Compact Bike

The Movea range of bikes represents a devotion to streamlined urban travel. With a wheelbase that’s identical to our standard model, and matching saddle and handlebar geometry , the Movea bikes has been precision-engineered for lightning-quick acceleration and lower weight. It comes in a compact design that makes for both convenient storage and easy portability.


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Gates Belt drive


No grease. No rust. No seized links. Just a clean, low maintenance carbon belt drive solution. Simply hose it down and ride!


Feel that smooth and efficient power transfer with each turn of the pedals as you cruise the streets and trails.


With a design built to last, the advanced no-stretch carbon cord technology ensures that the belt will outlive any chain.



The all-in-one integrated solution


The integrated 250-watt motor with 30 N-m power inside the Zehus hub is what transforms the Movea into the ultimate urban machine.

Weighing in at only 3.4 kg, the lightweight motor provides up to 50 km of assisted riding. With a maximum speed of 25 km/hr, it complements the needs of any modern urban rider.

With that capacity comes ultra-efficient power management. A built-in regenerating braking system ensures minimal energy waste all in a design that’s engineered to withstand the test of time. The replaceable battery only needs three hours to fully charge and has a lifecycle of 3000 charges.

With a power-to-weight ratio that’s the best on the market, this ultra-efficient piece of Italian engineering pairs perfectly with the Movea.


Wireless remote control from the handlebar

Complete wireless control provides a fully integrated ride experience at the press of a button. The LED display signals battery status and power data and allows you to switch power modes and activate regenerative braking for a boost when it’s needed most.

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Bitride – Bluetooth Connectivity

Unlock increased functionality for your Movea with the Bitride app. The app allows you to configure motor assist, speed, and regenerative braking functions via Bluetooth for complete connectivity, control, and management.

The app also lets you monitor speed, battery status, and motor power for direct feedback whilst riding. In addition, it provides navigation assistance as well as a built-in function to locate your Movea.

Formula Hydrolic Disc brakes

Our Movea designs feature the Formula Cura disc brake solution. The clean and simple frame integration is coupled with unmatched braking power to perfectly complement the Movea’s smooth power and efficient handling.

Designed with the rider in mind on every level, the Formula Cura disc brakes have been honed to perfection. The brakes have undergone extensive lab testing in order to provide reliable and efficient braking no matter the conditions.

Formula-Hydrolic-Disc-brakes Formula-Hydrolic-Disc-brakes-2 Supernova-lightset Supernova-lightset-2

Supernova light set

Sleek, bright, and lightweight, the E3 PURE 3 is one of the smallest and brightest dynamo lights around. This energy-efficient lighting system is beautifully constructed in an aluminium body with a chic, minimalist design.

Comprised of LED lights rated for 100 years of operation, the E3 PURE 3 is an integral part of the Movea design. Without an on/off switch, it runs nonstop to help you stay visible day and night.

At the back, the E3 Tail Light 2 is compact yet powerful. Maximum safety is assured thanks to Twin Beam technology, with which two directional beams ensure visibility from any angle.

Brooks saddle and grips

We’ve partnered with the iconic saddle maker, Brooks. Every Movea comes outfitted with their innovative new Cambium saddle. The Cambium features organic cotton canvas impregnated with vulcanised natural rubber for extraordinary comfort.

With its durable, waterproof design, the Brooks Cambium saddle delivers unprecedented performance on urban streets whatever the weather.

Each Movea also comes equipped with Brooks’s rubber handlebar grips. Tailored for a natural look, they ensure a supreme, in-control feel on urban terrain.