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Movea’s Low Maintenance Compact City eBike
Danish e-bike manufacturer says ‘The first production models of Movea e-bikes have rolled off the factory floor and into shops.’ The Movea looks to be a smart, compact, low maintenance, and light single-speed city e-bike that uses a belt drive and the Zehus ‘all in one’ rear hub motor. It also features a wireless handlebar control.


movea e-bikes combine green technology with clean scandinavian design
Founded by lars jensen, movea is a copenhagen-based company that’s on a mission to create the perfect urban e-bike. with a number of handy features, such as a self-charging battery and a secure front rack, the lightweight electric bicycles offer a stylish and easy way to get around the city.

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Movea E-Bike
Movea E-Bike may be the thing for you if you are a part of the growing urban commuters that are looking for a riding electrical option. This minimalist ride combines a high tech self charging device, that gets power up when riding downhill or if you reverse pedal, but of course, you may also charge it up with a conventional provided charger that will get full power in under 3 hours. It uses a 250W power plant that will assist you from 25 to 100 km.

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Movea E-motion – Skandinavisches Design trifft auf neuste E-Bike-Technologie
Das Movea E-motion wird unter E-Bike-Enthusiasten spätestens seit dem Gewinn des „Best Urban Bike 2020“ Awards auf der Cyclingworld mit Spannung erwartet. Ab dem 15. Juli kann das in drei Varianten erhältliche E-Bike endlich auch in Deutschland für 3.498 Euro gekauft werden...

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Movea E-motion: Eckiges Design auf kleinen Rädern
Kleines Teil – große Ausstattung: Als Best Urban Bike 2020 auf der Cyclingworld ausgezeichnet, liefert Movea ab 15. Juli endlich seine kleinen Urban-Design-E-Bikes. Die geometrisch verspielten E-Bikes mit Heckmotor sind sehr kompakt gehalten, kommen allerdings mit großer Technik: Scheibenbremsen, Riemenantrieb und selbstverständlich der schnellen Verbindung zum Smartphone