Nach dem Cyclingworld Award in der Kategorie "Best Urban Bike 2020" hat der Rat für Formgebung der dänischen Bike-Design-Schmiede den German Design Award in Gold in der Kategorie „Exzellentes Produkt-Design - Fahrräder und E-Bikes“ verliehen. Der German Design Award zählt zu den anerkanntesten Design-Wettbewerben weltweit. Movea wurde von den beiden mehrfach ausgezeichneten Kreativen Lars Jensen und Anders Hermansen gegründet.

Electric bike report

Movea’s Low Maintenance Compact City eBike
Danish e-bike manufacturer says ‘The first production models of Movea e-bikes have rolled off the factory floor and into shops.’ The Movea looks to be a smart, compact, low maintenance, and light single-speed city e-bike that uses a belt drive and the Zehus ‘all in one’ rear hub motor. It also features a wireless handlebar control.


Lightweight, stylish ebike makes a play for city street dominance
The design minds of bike veteran Lars Jensen and Anders Hermansen, who has form working for high-end audio house Bang & Olufsen, have created a "shapely, handy and functional" ebike for the city called the Movea E-motion.
"Nowadays it is no longer just a matter of building a high quality bicycle," said Jensen. "With the changed living and working situation in the big cities, people have completely new demands on transportation for their everyday life. My vision is to bring exactly these requirements in one and to combine them in an environment-friendly, attractive and highly functional means of transport for the city.

Hyper and Hyper

Copenhagen-based Movea is on a mission to create the perfect city bike. The company founded by Lats Jensen has now unveiled three new models, allowing not only the Danish to ride with style, while also protecting the environment.
At first sight, Movea‘s E-motion bikes seem to be perfectly average bicycles: there is nothing on them that may give it away that they are motor-powered. They typically Scandinavian-looking bikes were designed by Anders Hermansen, who has previously collaborated with Danish furniture brand Paustian or electronics manufacturer Bang & Olufsen, amongst others.


movea e-bikes combine green technology with clean scandinavian design
Founded by lars jensen, movea is a copenhagen-based company that’s on a mission to create the perfect urban e-bike. with a number of handy features, such as a self-charging battery and a secure front rack, the lightweight electric bicycles offer a stylish and easy way to get around the city.

Bless this stuff

Movea E-Bike
Movea E-Bike may be the thing for you if you are a part of the growing urban commuters that are looking for a riding electrical option. This minimalist ride combines a high tech self charging device, that gets power up when riding downhill or if you reverse pedal, but of course, you may also charge it up with a conventional provided charger that will get full power in under 3 hours. It uses a 250W power plant that will assist you from 25 to 100 km.

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Movea E-motion – Skandinavisches Design trifft auf neuste E-Bike-Technologie
Das Movea E-motion wird unter E-Bike-Enthusiasten spätestens seit dem Gewinn des „Best Urban Bike 2020“ Awards auf der Cyclingworld mit Spannung erwartet. Ab dem 15. Juli kann das in drei Varianten erhältliche E-Bike endlich auch in Deutschland für 3.498 Euro gekauft werden...

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Movea E-motion: Eckiges Design auf kleinen Rädern
Kleines Teil – große Ausstattung: Als Best Urban Bike 2020 auf der Cyclingworld ausgezeichnet, liefert Movea ab 15. Juli endlich seine kleinen Urban-Design-E-Bikes. Die geometrisch verspielten E-Bikes mit Heckmotor sind sehr kompakt gehalten, kommen allerdings mit großer Technik: Scheibenbremsen, Riemenantrieb und selbstverständlich der schnellen Verbindung zum Smartphone