Perfect balance of comfort,
style, performance,
quality and affordability

Beautiful Scandinavian design,
mounted with our practical Movea front rack as a cargo solution

The front cargo solution is ideal for keeping an eye on your stuff when you are riding in town. The carrier frame to keep your stuff stabil on the rack and a bungee cord is included all

Material & design

The double layered leather strap ages with beauty and makes it easy to carry


True360 sound ensures a rich and even sound dispersion

Anodized aluminium

The grills encompassing the speaker are made from pearl blasted and anodized aluminium

A feature that makes Movea’s design very unique is the connection between the bicycle frame and the front cargo rack, which resembles a natural flow between form and function, and creates an overall clean and coherent shape of the bike.


Movea is mounted with the Italian-made Zehus Bike system – a 250W electric motor and 30V lithium ion 160Wh battery in an elegant aluminium hub. Sensors are embedded within the hub to determine how much power assistance to give you (eAssist).

Motor and battery

E-move is mounted with the Italian 250W Zehus Bike system – electric motor and 30V Loin 160Wh battery in an elegant aluminium hub. Sensors are embedded within the hub and totally wireless

Enjoy E-assist up to 25 KM/t (U.S. 15 MPH) along a range of up to 100 KM (60 Miles). The Zehus Hub makes self-charging possible: Recharge your bike by coasting downhill or pedaling backwards. You also have the possibility to give it a full charge, with the included charger within 3 hours. It is totally according to your needs.

sometimes you just have to give in,
to let go

Come a little closer and take in the sleek details of the Movea E-move


Combining speed and style through an innovative pedal-assist motor,
advanced electronics, and a sleek design