Range up to 50 Km

25 km/t assist

40 NM motor

Urban Bike Award

Only sale in EU


Modo 20”

The Movea Modo 20” comes in a clean, simple design in a beautiful  Chalk Grey color. Coupled with the cohesive integration of modern technology, it makes for the ultimate urban machine. Seamlessly powered by the 250-watt electric motor and built-in battery, it provides up to 50 kilometres of assisted riding ensuring you go further for longer while expending less energy. Built and designed for ultimate urban efficiency and connectivity.

Free delivery on your address. Only in EU countries.

Please note we have limited bikes in stock.

This limited model is WITHOUT basket.


Integrated front rack

Leading the urban charge

A seamlessly integrated front rack is precision-aligned with a frame designed for supreme visual aesthetics. With fabric covering the joining of the extended symmetry, the subtle contrasts bring an element of expressive minimalism to urban bike design.



An allure that endures

The electric urban ride in an eclectic design, Movea restores the allure of urban travel on two wheels. In a solid frame design with intricate symmetries, Movea is a ride that’s built to endure.


Leading the urban charge

Ultra-efficient, lightweight, and lightening quick to charge. The integrated 250-watt Zehus hub redefines urban exploration.

The 3.4kg motor provides 50 km of assisted riding at a maximum speed of 25 km/hr, yet requires only a 3-hour charge cycle.



Integrated stopping power

Experience supreme stopping power with no compromise on the smooth handling of Movea. The Formula Cura disc brake system is seamlessly integrated for unmatched control on the city streets.


Clean no-stretch drive

Movea sports a low-maintenance carbon drive solution that will outlast any chain. Our no-stretch carbon cord technology ensures efficient power on demand — meaning no grease, no rust, and no
more seized links.


Wireless Remote Control

Control at your fingertips

Complete wireless control provides a fully integrated ride experience at the press of a button. The LED readout signals battery status and power data and also allows you to change power modes and activate regenerative braking for a boost when it’s needed most.