Lars Andersen

Lars Jensen

Founder of Movea


I’m Lars Jensen, founder of Movea. My mission is to inspire those in urban environments to incorporate cycling into their everyday lives.

For me, it has never been about how fast you ride, or how many calories you burn, but rather the fun and connection you have along the way. It’s about embracing green technology  and harnessing it to create new and exciting ways to explore your urban centre.

Fuelled by a passion for ergonomic yet stylish designs, I am ultimately motivated by the freedom that these bike designs offer others, and I am driven to keep pushing boundaries.

With 25 years of experience in the bicycle industry, I’ve come to know every facet from shop owner to bike design to manufacturing. The new Movea line represents a new direction and a new adventure for me.

It’s only by distilling our collective knowledge and experiences that we can create designs that inspire!

My vision for the Movea line is to provide a clean and simple, yet highly functional urban solution. My designs include a precision balanced rack as a cargo solution and additional gears for a sporty, yet smooth ride.

Designed to go anywhere with you, the Movea line makes sure you’ll find the perfect compact and lightweight urban companion that delivers performance and style. Each model comes complete with small diameter wheels adapted to the urban environment for easy city riding. The lower weight aids in quick acceleration and improved climbing, while responsive steering allows for maximum manoeuvrability — perfect for navigating the winding streets of the urban landscape.

We strive to inspire! The new Movea collection aims to inspire you to ride outside of your existing boundaries and accelerate your lifestyle.