The lightweight electric urban companion

Compact . Lightweight Design

The simplicity of beautiness, design and craftsmanship
to take you wherever you want to go.

Easy to carry

Practical minimalism:
Movea is light enough to carry up the steps into your apartment.

Fast acceleration

Go from zero to city in 10 seconds flat.

Great driving characteristics

Designed for responsive control and direct traction with great ride feel.

Agile, Steady and City-ready

Electric and eclectic

A feature-packed compact design

Truly electric and urban-centric

Urban mobility and power on demand

Like no one else

It’s in the drive for that functional clean design that we’ve perfected our most practical urban solution. It comes complete with an oil-free carbon belt drive that provides a clean and silent ride. While a secure front rack supports all your cargo needs.

The super-reliable, precision-engineered Zehus e-hub provides power on demand. Installed within the lightweight hub is the motor, a self-charging battery and the smart electronics that enable configuration and control from your smartphone or the wireless remote control on the handlebar.

Lars Jensen


For me, it’s never been about how fast you ride. Or how many calories you burn.

It’s about the fun and freedom you have along the way. That’s what Movea is about.

Combining green technology with outstanding design and quality construction to create an even more exciting way to explore.

Let Movea be your inspiration.

E-motion 20″

Clean, simple design. Coupled with the cohesive integration of modern technology, it makes for the ultimate urban machine.

E-Motion 20" Unisex

Slightly more compact, but with the geometry of a standard bike, this is one lightweight urban companion.

E-Motion 24″

Combining speed and style through an innovative pedal-assist motor, advanced electronics, and a sleek design.